Online/Remote Job Opportunities: Aggregator Sites & Related

Possibly the best known site in this category is It requires a monthly fee of $14.95 but you may receive up to 50% off for the first month, by entering the code JOBS). This site is widely recognized as legitimate and does come with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. (No link anywhere on this website is an affiliate link, by the way.)

The aggregator sites listed in alphabetical order below are all free to use (as of this writing). ("the front page of the internet") has two related forums—r/freelance and r/WorkOnline—where you can read information and ask questions about work-online opportunities. Caution: Reddit is somewhat rough-and-tumble, so post only if you don't mind getting flamed (otherwise, just lurk).

Helpful Online Articles

You Lost Your Job Because of Coronavirus: These Resources Can Help
Clear, helpful advice in multiple areas: health care, credit cards/loans/mortgages, housing/utilities/food assistance and unemployment insurance. 

Need Extra Income? Potential Work-from-Home Job Opportunities
Introductory section includes useful warning about how to avoid scams. Spoiler alert: If a fee is required in advance, proceed with caution!

Out of a Job? Here's What You Can Do to Earn When the Going Gets Tough
Brief but helpful overview of a variety of options. Companies currently accepting applications include Amazon, CVS, Costco, Pizza Hut & Walmart.

How to Job Search During COVID-19: Tips from Indeed's Career Coaches

Sound ideas from experts at and good insights from the community. Post here to ask your questions for free.


How to Find Remote Work on
Includes search tips that might not occur to you on your own. Also advice on how to present yourself, to maximize your chances for success.


The 10 Best Jobs Working from Home
A good preview of the "top 100" list offered by, specializing in work-at-home jobs. Some of the options may surprise you.


Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs in 2020
Divided into six categories: Medical & Health, Computer & IT, Customer Service, Education & Training, Sales and Accounting & Finance.


Work-from-Home Jobs That Pay $100,000 or More
This Forbes article dates back to late 2018 but may help to motivate you regarding the potential of online/remote work.


Jobs in the Time of COVID-19
A nine-point approach presented in easy-to-read slideshow format. Published in India but applicable almost everywhere, including the U.S.


Retailers Hiring During COVID-19
List of major retailers (including 7-Eleven, Amazon, CVS, Target and Walmart) that are actively creating jobs during the pandemic.


Job Opportunities for Workers Displaced by COVID-19
A user-friendly list of dozens of major retailers, offered by the National Retail Federation.

"Start Your Own Business, as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner"

For those who prefer to be out and about, on the road making deliveries (or managing other drivers), for a major, well-known online brand.


Resources to Help Your Small Business Manage Through Uncertainty
Tips and recommendations from Google, to help small businesses navigate through this time of uncertainty.


A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers
Practical advice courtesy of the Harvard Business Review (HBR). (Almost 25% of U.S. workers already work from home at least part-time!)

Coronavirus: How to Work from Home, the Right Way
Helpful tips from the WorkLife features writer at the legendary BBC (British Broadcasting Company).

10 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Change American Life as We Know It
A thoughtful look into the future regarding various aspects of life, including employment.


How the Coronavirus Is Already Rewriting the Future of Business
Eleven Harvard Business School experts comment on how the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to change business practices.


How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating the Future of Work
Writing in Forbes, a future-of-work expert makes the case that coronavirus may be the great catalyst for business transformation.


Is Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Suited for This Crisis?
Five questions to ask yourself, to determine the answer to this question. The COVID-19 crisis offers opportunities to showcase your EQ!