Remote Work Opportunities: Directory of Job Boards/Aggregator Sites & Related

Possibly the best known site in this category is
FlexJobs. It requires a monthly fee of $14.95 but you may receive up to 50% off for the first month, by entering the code JOBS. An additional small discount may be obtained by using Honey or a similar browser coupon code extension. FlexJobs is widely recognized as legitimate and does come with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. (No link anywhere here at COVID-19JobTrends is an affiliate link, by the way.)

The sites listed in alphabetical order below are all free to use, as of this writing, except when otherwise indicated. To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive such list currently available anywhere online. The brief descriptions are intended to help you determine which may be worth your time to visit.

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  • 100TelecommuteJobs—"Please be kind and add us to your adblock whitelist."

  • AuthenticJobs—"For designers, developers, and creative pros" (PT/FT only).

  •—"Premium" subscription staffing company (W-2 positions only).

  • Coroflot—Browse DESIGN job listings by city, country and job role.

  • DailyRemote—Filters for Skills/Salary, also keyword searching within categories.

  • Dribbble—Social networking platform for digital designers and creatives.

  • DynamiteJobs—Each job posted said to be genuinely available and 100% remote.

  • EuropeRemotely—For remote work in European time zones (limited offerings).

  • FindWork—Includes some useful filters (e.g., contract and Glassdoor rating).

  •—Filter by keyword, location, FT/PT/intern/freelance/contract.

  • HigherEdJobs—Remote jobs in higher education: free registration/job agent.

  • IdealistJobs at nonprofits & altruistic organizations (has remote work filter).

  • Jobspresso—Caution: many positions listed turn out to be already filled.

  •—Easy to use, with "contract" filter, many good resources.

  • LandingJobs—Can filter by degrees of remote but requires signup/registration.

  • Meerkad—Pushes registration, requiring sharing of one's contacts.

  • TheMuse—Emphasis on skill-building and career advice but inadequate filters.

  • NODESK—The remote jobs board of the Digital Nomad community.

  • NonprofitRemote—Nonprofit remote jobs exclusively, similar to Idealist (above).

  • Pangian—Time-consuming registration process, full access costs $10/monthly.

  • RatRaceRebellion—"Virtual jobs, side gigs & savings" (tend to be lower paying).

  • RealWaysToEarnMoneyOnline—Limited offerings, many lower-paying gigs.

  •—Proceed with caution, only after checking out posted complaints.

  •—Actually a PLATFORM for handling payroll, benefits, taxes, etc.

  • REMOTE4me—Beautifully organized by category but many listings appear stale.

  •—At time of writing, unable to search with keywords or any filters.

  • RemoteCircle—Excellent search capabilities, though limited offerings currently.

  • Remotees—"Remotees is for sale. Submit your bid ... if you’re interested."

  • RemoteJobsClub—Manually screened jobs in biweekly email newsletter format.

  • RemotelyAwesomeJobs—Claims to crawl more sites and have more posts.

  • RemoteMonk—13 categories (tech & non-tech): search by skills and job roles.

  • RemotePeople—No relation to Evelyn Waugh's 1931 travel book of same name.

  • RemoteWriterJobs—Requires signup before getting full access to listings.

  • SkipTheDrive—Limited listings, some malfunctioning links (great name, though!).

  • TelecommuteWrk—PARTIAL telecommute opportunities.

  • VirtualVocations—Superior search functionality but $16/monthly for full access.

  • WeWorkRemotely (WWR)—Serious UI issues, including filter limitations.

  • WorkBrite—$5/monthly, $25/annually, $50/lifetime (no reviews yet available).

  • WorkingNomads—Search by category and keyword (limited active offerings).

Mainly for Technical Remote Work Opportunities:

  • 42Jobs—Software development job boards: Android/Angular/Rails/React/Laravel.

  • 6nomads—Create tech profile and system AI will match you with remote work.

  • AngelList—Tech/startup jobs, with salary/equity disclosed up front.

  • CryptocurrencyJobs—Jobs at companies/startups that use blockchain technology.

  • CryptoJobs—Jobs in the area of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

  • CryptoJobsList—For other options in this domain, see this 2019 Anyplace blog.

  • DrupalJobs—Drupal framework jobs only (note Telecommute/Remote filter).

  • EmployRemotely—For developers (front end, back end, full stack and mobile). 

  • Full-StackDeveloperJobs—Java/JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

  • GitHub—Web development-focused, with remote listings from all over the world.

  • GolangProjects—Remote work job listings specifically for Golang developers.

  • Hacker News—Developer job opportunities and freelancer queries, by month.

  • HackerX—Tech jobs by region/category/keyword: freelance, FT and/or remote.

  •—Remote tech companies you can filter by type, size and other.

  • JSRemotely—JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue and Electron jobs.

  • LaraJobs—Specifically for Laravel/PHP developers (since 2014).

  • PowerToFly—Tech opportunities for women (only), skills development and more.

  • ReactJobs—Developer jobs: filter by location only + keyword search.

  • RemoteLeaf—Free 7-day trial, followed by choice of $10/month or $100/year.

  • RemotePython—Search worldwide by job title/skills/company name/city.

  •—Mainly for tech professionals, featuring highly rated community.

  • RMTWRK—Search mainly tech jobs by category & type (PT/FT, contract, other).

  • StackOverflow—Emphasis on tech positions, especially for web developers.

  • TechJobsforGood—Social impact firms, foundations, innovative US nonprofits.

  • UXREMOTE.WORK—Specializing in UX work opportunities (out of Zurich).

  • VueJobs—Developer jobs: Filter by location and type (PT/FT, freelance, etc.)

  • WeLoveAngular—Limited number of remote (Angular) developer jobs.

  • WeLoveGo—Limited (Goland) developer jobs (see GolandProjects, above).

  • Workaline—Primarily technical jobs, in many categories (registration required).

  • YCJobs—List of Y Combinator startup tech jobs, worldwide, with many remote.

GitHub's curated list of remote working resources provided many of the websites included here. The Github list includes various other helpful resources (articles, videos, books and more) relating to the world of remote work.


LinkedIn (LI) now has a remote jobs filter, which you can access simply by clicking here, after which you can then select additional parameters and have updates sent to you by email (does not require a paid/premium subscription). As LI is in a category of its own, it has not been included in any of the lists above.

Reddit ("the front page of the internet") has a number of forums—including r/DigitalNomad (712k), r/freelance (140k), r/telecommuting (8.5k) and r/WorkOnline (241k)—where you can read information and ask questions relating to work online opportunities (the numbers in parentheses indicate the reported number of members as of this writing). Caution: Reddit can be somewhat rough-and-tumble, so post only if you don't mind getting flamed. Otherwise, if you're not sufficiently thick-skinned, you may prefer to just lurk.

Although the boundaries between categories are not always completely clear, freelancer platforms differ from job boards in that freelancer platforms include functionalities for transacting business on or through the site itself, with a variety of other related features built in, depending on the website. These platforms include Coworks, Fiverr, Freelancer, FreelancerMap,, (for software engineers), Guru, Outsourcely, PeoplePerHour (UK), SlasifyTextBroker (for lists of other content mill/content farm websites for freelance writers seeking to engage in "churnalism," see this post by Laura DeCesare and this post by Tom Nathaniel), ToptalUpwork and WorkanaThe main issue that US-based freelancers consistently report about these freelancer platforms is that they typically launch the service provider on a frenetic "race to the bottom," competing with providers in a position to charge fees that are below subsistence level in "developed" countries.

Another category that can be distinguished from the ones above is general job board sites and sections of sites. These may include remote work opportunities, although they may not necessarily be easy to search for—and it may also be difficult to distinguish between different types of remote work opportunities, especially freelance contract work as opposed to other kinds (though this can often be the case with job boards that specialize in remote work opportunities). Sites in this category include
CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Dice (for tech professionals), Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, RobertHalfSimplyHired and ZipRecruiter.

Yet another way to slice and dice is by specific companies, searching the available opportunities on their individual job boards. For examples of companies whose openings you might want to explore, see 
50 of the Best Companies Hiring Remote Workers and Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs in 2020. See also the Github list of 209 Companies with "Remote DNA."

For inclusion in the directory above, preference was given to job boards/aggregator sites that are higher in quality, without paywalls or requiring login in order to search. A certain number of borderline "outliers" were accepted, with the idea that they may improve over time. Examples of exclusion criteria are UI/UX issues to an extent that makes the site prohibitively difficult to use, scams found posted on the site and so small a number of posted jobs as to make the value of visiting the site questionable.


This Resouces page, like the entire website here, is a work in progress. We will make our best effort to keep everything up-to-date and accurate. You are welcome to contact us with any suggestions, comments and questions. Our mission is to be helpful, by bringing you genuine value.

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